With the growth of Austin and a desire to live in an active, open and cultural city. The Oldham Group is here to help guide your luxury home buying experience.
Based on over a decade of personalized Austin service from home buyers to estate listings, we drive the home sales process through area analytics, proper pricing and strong financing options.
We strive to present Austin’s best Luxury home options. Whether your idea is an upscale social environment, active nightlife, terrific school district, keeping it weird or simply enjoying our rolling hills and takes, we know Austin and will work to find your next Luxury dream.
From West Austin to Tarrytown to Downtown to South Austin, we listen, learn and merge your vision with the pulse of Austin you are looking for. Moving quick on new builds, renovations, high-rises, condos and more is every a struggle as Austin’s Luxury available is in constant flux. So working with Austin Real Estate professionals that have strong Austin and Realtor community relationships is the added advantage you will come to know with The Oldham Group.